Parchafacil to repair balls and tires

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What is to repair or fix Parchafacil balls or balls?
Self-sealing fluid is a patch that serves to repair punctures balloons or soccer balls, soccer, basketball and volleyball in seconds.
What is to repair or fix Parchafacil wheels or tires?
Self-sealing fluid is a patch that serves to repair tire punctures car, truck, motorcycle and bicycle in seconds.
How it works Parchafacil?
Its unique formula to enter the internal chamber of balls and tires, seals any punctures and air leaks that may exist. By having contact with the air bubble, Parchafacil vulcanized at room temperature and cover the holes sealed.
Here you can see videos like our products work and how easy it is to use:
Benefits for you
  • It is easy to use, you can do it yourself.
  • It does not require physical exertion, such as changing a tire that can be very dangerous
  • Save money and time because it requires going to a specialized workshop
  • Opportunity, because it uses on the site and when you need it and then you can continue your journey or continue with their sport
  • Security , is relied on a trip or to practice their favorite sport
  • Permanent, because after tire repair and repair of balls, you do not need any extra help
  • Parchafacil not a hazardous material or poisonous or flammable.
  • Not affect the quality of your tires and balls
  • What can be stored for a period of 2 years, without diminishing the effectiveness of the product and can not fully exploited.
  • Support, because each unit comes with all the tools necessary to use the product, plus photos and procedures and is supported by our website:
  • You avoid the pollution produced by factories balls and wheels c uidA the environment for their own welfare when repairs, patches, recycle, reuse and fix tires and balls
If you are looking for an economical and practical way:
  • like getting a puncture repair kit
  • how to fix a football, soccer, basketball or volleyball
  • sports balls and patching of any type and brand
  • if you have at home punctured balls with strikeouts and no punctures or throw them quire
  • if you want to know how to fix severely damaged balls as broken or mild
  • if you do not want to change a tire or tire of his car anymore by a flat tire or Flat Tire
  • if you seek to know how to repair a tire on the road in minutes, without changing the tire and without physical exertion
  • if you have at home a rubber tire or puncture and can not lead a workshop for the repair of tires
Then you do it yourself and see our left menu to Parchafacil Learn how to repair their balls and wheels for special and specific cases.
If you want to become an expert repairman and save money:
for you is our section of Secrets of tire repair and repair of balls where you can find all the details and procedures including:
  • as puncture repair car
  • as a football fix torn or cut
  • as patching a faulty ball valve in the air leak
  • how to make the repair footballs soft cover
  • how to make the repair of balls hard shell
  • and cast it from volley ball arreglos
  • as basketballs patch
  • and repair a tire with lateral damage and more
Then please sign up and receive free access to the Secrets to learn how to use our products been converted into reparapinchazos of Parchafacil kit that will save you money, time and trouble

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