Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

1. Does PARCHAFACIL FOR SPORTS BALLS used to repair any type of ball or ball in soccer, basketball and volleyball?

Yes, it can be used to repair any ball of any brand as adidas, Nike, Umbro, molten, puma, golty, Mikasa, Spalding, etc..


2. How do I use the product PARCHAFACIL FOR SPORTS BALLS and if I can save?

Please refer to the product instructions and if you can save a partially used instead, just make sure to close my lid tightly and cover to prevent evaporation.


3. Does the product PARCHAFACIL SPORTS BALLS FOR BALL OR for repairing any damage such as puncture, puncture, perforation, torn?

If you can repair almost any type of damage in the balls or balls, they just need a desire to learn to become an expert repairman. But there will be damage that large will not be worth repairing.

HOWEVER for most common injury in sports balls balls or you may visit the following links:


4. Is the product used for sports balls PARCHAFACIL to repair leaking valve or air leak?

Yes, it’s actually a very simple procedure please consult the link for Settlement of a ball valve . It is important to note that when you inflate a balloon or ball it should be done with a needle properly and lubricated with water especially for the entry of the needle into the ball valve is easy and unforced, because otherwise it is damaged valve. A ball valve has a ring that closes off the air, but closing may be damaged if the needle enters the channel dry

Aguja valvula en seco Valvula cortada con aguja infladora Valvula cortada con jeringa Aguja para inflar


5. ¿I can use the soccer ball, soccer, basketball or volleyball immediately after it has been repaired with PARCHAFACIL FOR SPORTS BALLS?

Yes In the case of punctures, holes punctured or less than 5 mm and damage to the valve, which are actually the majority of cases, if you can use immediately and even more, you better do it because that way the vulcanization process is complete especially when in the field much sun. When it comes to holes, punctures, punctures, tears or cuts of more than 5 mm follow the instructions on the Settlement of balls with severe damage and then the balls can be used immediately.


6. What kind of damage can patch, shadow, repair or fix the PARCHAFACIL WHEELS CAR AND TRUCK OR PICKUP?

This product is designed to patch, mend, repair, fix or vulcanized holes, punctures, punctures or holes up to 5 mm in diameter produced up alhambra large or thick nails.


7. ¿I can drive my car or truck immediately after repair or patching a tire or tire with a rim PARCHAFACIL AUTO AND TRUCK?

Yes, you can drive your vehicle immediately is absolutely secure. Moreover, you must move your vehicle immediately and the product it acts by coating the inner chamber of the tire and sealing all air leaks that may exist.


8. Does the product PARCHAFACIL AUTO TIRE AND TRUCK cuts used to repair any car and truck tire?

No cut tires or tires are no longer safe by the standards of quality and security DOT and should not be repaired with any kind of patch is liquid or dry-seals in the inner chamber. Your security and your family is most important. Advantageously, this situation is very low because most of the time the tires are damaged by drilling only less than 5 mm in diameter in the bearing of the tire, which is part of the tire that contacts the floor.


9. What I can not do if my tire is repaired with a rim PARCHAFACIL AUTO AND TRUCK?

The product comes with all instructions , follow them and never question what will happen when drilling and the CVV number on the tire is up to 5 mm in diameter.


10. What is the side of a tire and how I can fix damage to that area?

The sleeve is simply part of the rim wheel or tire that is not in contact with the floor and is limited by the bearing of the wheel, which is the part that contacts the floor and the metal ring.

To repair this damage please refer to link tire arrangement with the damage on the side .


11. Does PARCHAFACIL AUTO TIRE AND TRUCK produces imbalance in my tire and I have problems with vibration?

No, because as a patch is evenly distributed fluid in the inner chamber of the tire. The tire unbalance forces occur when rotating when the wheel is not uniform.


12. Should I go to a specialized service to check my tire after using the PARCHAFACIL AUTO TIRE AND PICKUP TRUCK OR?

No, because the patch is permanent and more reliable than a patch or repair dry and if the tire gets to drill elsewhere in the subsequent 4 weeks, it will be repaired automatically.


13. Do you serve PARCHAFACIL WHEELS The auto and truck to truck tires or repairing heavy equipment?

No, this product is not recommended for use in heavy vehicles as carrying weights are high.



You can actually use it anywhere on the road, the city or in the comfort of your home. What we need is a compressor or plunger to inflate the tire which there is great variety in the market. It’s very convenient to use in self-service gas stations or because they have free air.

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