Parchafacil instructions for auto and truck tires

Parchafacil instructions for auto and truck tires

Paquete llantas

It is a new product from Splendor Industry, repairing, patching or vulcanizing punctures, or perforations strikeouts car and truck tires produced nails, wire or any sharp object.

Its exclusive formula expands the inner surface of the rim without causing tire imbalance sealing all air leaks that may exist

PARCHAFACIL AUTO TIRE AND TRUCK is an accessory, attachment or very useful item for your vehicle because any time you can lose a tire or rim and stay flat tire halfway through. Having to get off to change the tire is an annoying problem and often dangerous. But just because you do not need to do that because it came PARCHAFACIL AUTO TIRE AND TRUCK. When you travel, let yourself be accompanied by PARCHAFACIL WHEELS CAR AND TRUCK.


Instructions for use:

1. In the vast majority of cases the tire rolling bearing is known as the drilling gets punsantes objects we collect with our wheels or tires on the road as you can see in the picture below

Rodamiento con clavo

You can remove the object with a tenase punsante or leave it on the rim, then PARCHAFACIL fix it anyway. It is preferable for large punsantes objects, remove them so that the repair is permanent. In the case of small objects is not necessary to do this.

Sacando clavo de la llanta con acercamiento

Abriendo carton parchafacil llantas

Open the tire repair Parchafacil


Turn the tire or tire until the valve is in position 5 or 7 clockwise as seen in the picture below, ie the tire valve on the bottom. With the key that comes with the appropriate board to get the bug or plug valve. By then all the air in the tire will be evicted.

Sacar el gusanillo de la llantaLLave para sacar gusanillo de la llanta Gusanillo de valvula llanta fuera

2. Cut off the tip of the applicator with the mountains included in the carton and insert the applicator into the tire valve as shown in the image below. Mash with a hand wheel to expel the remaining air and when the tire to “breathe” the bottle to crush all the liquid is introduced into the tire.

Cortando la punta del frasco Parchafacil llantas Aplastando llanta para que respire Introduciendo Parchafacil llantas

3. Amount of liquid to enter:

  • Auto rim hoop ring 10 to 12 inchs enter  ½ bottle
  • For all other remaining car and truck tires from rim 13 to 18 enter a whole  bottle.

Place the bug or plug in the tire valve and tighten with the wrench attached. Inflate the tires to normal pressure recommended use for each type of tire. In the market there are many models of portable compressors which plug into the cigarette of your car and the tire inflated in minutes.

Inflando llanta con compresor portatil Conexion compresor tabaquera vehiculo


Very important


PARCHAFACIL AUTO TIRE AND TRUCK tubeless tire repair ie without tube with perforations, punch, or punctures up to 5 mm in diameter produced by a nail, pin or skewer. In fact usually the holes in the rim do not exceed 3 mm in diameter.

This is a permanent patch or patch does not require specialized personnel aftercare. The product will still be working for about 1 month. This means that if in the span of 1 month back tire with a nail punch, this will be repaired automatically without you even noticing.

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