Parchafacil instructions to fix the balls

Parchafacil instructions to fix the balls

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It’s a new product that cures Splendor Industries, repairs, seals or patching punctures, punctures, holes, torn pinchadosy until the balls sports balls or soccer, basketball and volleyball any type and brand.

Its exclusive formula expands the camera’s internal surface sealing any air leaks that may exist.

PARCHAFACIL for sports balls is an accessory, attachment or sports article very useful in the practice of sports, because the athlete has to reach an immediate solution when the ball or soccer ball, basketball and volleyball of any type and brand (Nike, adidas, mikasa, golty, spalding, umbro, puma, molten, etc.) is striking, prick, puncture, cut or torn up. With PARCHAFACIL arrangement for sports balls balls balls or is very easy and economical. It just requires a little patience to develop the skill of the expert and fix, patch or repair ball is easy, fun and in many cases an excellent business as a patch or repair on the market is very expensive.



Instructions for use

1. Inflate the ball or ball properly with normal pressure of use. Soak in water to observe the air leak and mark the affected area. If the leak is evident not require the ball immersed in water.



2. Remove 3 ml of PARCHAFACIL for sports balls of 25 ml vial using the syringe provided in the carton.




3. Always apply the liquid through the valve inflated balloon or ball and direct it so as to reach the affected area and let the liquid bubble intermittently for about 30 seconds


4. Throw the ball hard to the floor for a period of 30 seconds so that the product is uniformly dispersed in the inner chamber


5. Repeat step 2, 3 and 4

6. Immerse the ball or ball to verify the satisfactory repair or otherwise restart the process.


Balon reparado Mostrar herida sanada


Very important

The repair is simple when the liquid reaches the area of ​​damage, ie the application is essential and must be done with care. Do not introduce an excessive amount of liquid without sense, should optimize the use thereof.


  • Clean the ball or ball valve to prevent clogging.
  • Wash the syringe with water to reuse otherwise clogs the application needle
  • Tape the bottle very well with the lid and cover to prevent evaporation of the      product so we can keep the product in order to reuse it.

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